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Maybe I am misunderstanding what the Class Designer in Visual Studio was intended for, but I am really struggling with expanded classes being displayed behind other classes on the canvas.

I would like to have two collapsed classes, one above the other. Then when I expand the class above it should display above the class below, so that the class below does not obstruct the members of the class above.

I realise that adding my classes in the right order will do this, but I don't want to re-add all controls when I want to change layout. Where is the "Send to Back / Send to Front" button??

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Sorry for digging up an old post, but from the looks of it there aren't any such buttons, nor have they been added in Visual Studio 2012. Based on what I found in the MSDN forums here, this has been brought up before. I'm not sure if either of the posters in that thread actually went on to add the suggestion in Microsoft Connect, since it seems to be all VS 2012 now, but I've added a request for it here. Hopefully they get around to it eventually.

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