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play2 framework json :

case class P(
  val name: String,
  val age: Int,
  val address: String
val pList = List(
  P("a", 18, "USA"),
  P("b", 20, "USA")

Why does this doesn't compile?

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Please give the community more information to reproduce the problem. First the play version number, second your imports, there are at least four Json classes in play and the most important give us your compile error. –  Schleichardt Oct 31 '12 at 6:03
You can drop the new keyword since they are not needed in combination with case classes. –  fynn Oct 31 '12 at 9:13

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Please have a look at the API and the example on the play! website. They provide a comprehensive guide regarding JSON. As the play.api.libs.json package only contains seven JSON data types (JsObject, JsNull, JsUndefined, JsBoolean, JsNumber, JsArray and JsString) you will have to define your own format.

Taken from the API:

case class User(id: Long, name: String, friends: List[User])

implicit object UserFormat extends Format[User] {
  def reads(json: JsValue): User = User(
    (json \ "id").as[Long],
    (json \ "name").as[String],
    (json \ "friends").asOpt[List[User]].getOrElse(List()))
  def writes(u: User): JsValue = JsObject(List(
    "id" -> JsNumber(u.id),
    "name" -> JsString(u.name),
    "friends" -> JsArray(u.friends.map(fr => JsObject(List("id" -> JsNumber(fr.id),
    "name" -> JsString(fr.name)))))))

//then in a controller:
object MyController extends Controller {
   def displayUserAsJson(id: String) = Action {
      Ok(toJson( User(id.toLong, "myName", friends: List())))
   def saveUser(jsonString: String)= Action {
     val user = play.api.libs.json.parse(jsonString).as[User]

Good luck!

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