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I am trying to add one item to the end of a list in prolog, but it keeps on failing.

insertAtEnd(X,[ ],[X]).
insertAtEnd(X,[H|T],[H|Z]) :- insertAtEnd(X,T,Z).    


I do not understand why this below does not work.


I am also attempting to store this list in the variable Stored throughout, but I am not sure if the above is correct way to proceed.

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Prolog implements a relational computation model, and variables can only be instantiated, not assigned. Try

?- letters(Stored),
   insertAtEnd(d, Stored, Updated),
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So the original list is not editable? Lets say I receive another letter e, I would need to call insertAtEnd(e,Updated,UpdatedAgain)? I am trying to use a predicate to update the list without the console. –  MeowMeow Oct 31 '12 at 11:39
Yes, it's a unusual way of performing calculation. It's tightly related to declarative programming. Prolog find applicable rules binding variables, when it need to find alternatives it starts undoing previously established bindings. –  CapelliC Oct 31 '12 at 12:09

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