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I have the string string test="http://www.test.com//web?testid=12".

I need to replace with in the string // into /.

Problem is if I use string a=test.replace("//","/") I get http:/www.test.com/web?testid=12 all with single slash(/) but I need http://www.test.com/web?testid=12.

I need only the second // nearby web, not first // near by www.

How to do this?

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Where is the URL string coming from? Is it a URL that you generate, or is it a string coming from an external source? –  Fisch Oct 31 '12 at 5:11

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string test = @"http://www.test.com//web?testid=12";
test = test.Substring(0, test.LastIndexOf(@"//") - 1) 
       + test.Substring(test.LastIndexOf(@"//")).Replace(@"//", @"/");

Or since its a Uri, you can do:

Uri uri = new Uri(test);
string newTest = uri.Scheme + @"//" + uri.Authority 
                                    + uri.PathAndQuery.Replace(@"//",@"/");
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I think you'll need to add the port as well, in case it's not the default for the scheme. –  mleroy Oct 31 '12 at 5:08
@mleroy, yeah, but I would use uri.Authority in that case, rather than uri.Host, –  Habib Oct 31 '12 at 5:18

You can make second replace

string test="http://www.test.com//web?testid=12";
string a=test.Replace("//","/").Replace("http:/","http://");


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string test="http://www.test.com//web?testid=12"
string[] test2 = test.Split('//');

string test = test2[0] + "//" + test2[1] + "/" + test2[2];
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Regex.Replace(test, "[^:]//", "/");
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you can use stringbuilder as well.

StringBuilder b =new StringBuilder();

b.Replace("/","//",int startindex,int count);

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Simply remove one of the last slashes with String.Remove():

string test="http://www.test.com//web?testid=12";
string output = test.Remove(test.LastIndexOf("//"), 1);
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var http = "http://someurl//data";
var splitindex = http.IndexOf("/") + 1;
var res = http.Substring(splitindex+1, (http.Length-1) - splitindex).Replace("//","/");
http = "http://" + res;


StringBuilder strBlder = new StringBuilder();
//use the previously used variable splitindex
strBlder.Replace("//", "/", splitindex + 1, (http.Length) - splitindex);
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