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I am writing 1 script to move file from ftp to remote.

its running fine while doing in command prompt, but when i am writing batch script, its not executing properly, first giving me error that user is not logged in, might be coz i have special char in my password. code are below, its a urgent issue.. looking for quick answer tried it to give pswd in diff. file. tried it with ^^ output is correct but only in echo

my password is ^xinPS032

echo ^^caret^^

@Echo Off
setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
Set _FTPServerName=ftp.us.benfieldgroup.com
Set _UserName=FtpTemp0013
Set _Password>ftpcmd.dat
echo quit>> ftpcmd.dat
Set _LocalFolder=FtpTemp0013
Set _RemoteFolder=D:\Informatica\9.5.0\server\infa_shared\BWParam
Set _Filename=*.zip
Set _ScriptFile=scrip
:: Create script
>"%_ScriptFile%" Echo ftp %_FTPServerName%
>>"%_ScriptFile%" Echo %_UserName%
>>"%_ScriptFile%" Echo %_Password%
>>"%_ScriptFile%" Echo lcd %_LocalFolder%
>>"%_ScriptFile%" Echo cd %_RemoteFolder%
>>"%_ScriptFile%" Echo binary
>>"%_ScriptFile%" Echo get %_Filename%
>>"%_ScriptFile%" Echo quit
:: Run script
ftp -s:"%_ScriptFile%"
Del "%_ScriptFile%"

error msg

ftp> ftp ftp.us.benfieldgroup.com Invalid command. ftp> FtpTemp0013 Invalid command. ftp> xiPS032Set _LocalFolder= Invalid command. ftp> lcd FtpTemp0013 FtpTemp0013: File not found ftp> cd D:\Informatica\9.5.0\server\infa_shared\BWParam Not connected. ftp> binary Not connected. ftp> get *.zip Not connected. ftp> quit

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1 Answer

Your first command should be open. ftp scripts are intended to be run as if you were typing them directly into an ftp> "shell". within that "shell", you initiate a connection with "open", not "ftp", e.g:

ftp> ftp ftp.adobe.com
Invalid command.
ftp> open ftp.adobe.com
Connected to ftpgen.wip4.adobe.com.
220-Adobe Systems, Inc.
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