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Okay, so, everyone knows how to set the scroll position of a ScrollViewer. Entire essays and blog entries have been written about ScrollViewer.ScrollToVerticalOffset(), and there are a good few hundred questions with answers about it here.

So, I enter:


... and it so kindly scrolls to that location.

The question is, what property now contains 280, so I can retrieve it later?

(Hint: myScrollViewer.VerticalOffset and ContentVerticalOffset are both 0; myScrollViewer.ScrollInfo just plain doesn't exist.)

EDIT: Apparently I need a more detailed demonstration.

private void btnTest_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) {
  double scrollTarget = 280;
  MessageBox.Show("Target: " + scrollTarget.ToString());
  MessageBox.Show("Now: " + myScrollViewer.VerticalOffset);

I must reiterate that this does scroll as intended. Goes right exactly where I want it to. But, myScrollViewer.VerticalOffset is set at 0.

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Reading MSDN, VerticalOffset or ContentVerticalOffset should give you the correct value... at what point are you accessing these properties (when they evaluate to 0)? – Alastair Pitts Oct 31 '12 at 5:24
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The solution is to manually call myScrollViewer.UpdateLayout() after myScrollViewer.ScrollToVerticalOffset(). Then, myScrollViewer.VerticalOffset will have the expected value.

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Make sure your VerticalScrollBarVisibility="Visible" and VerticalScrollOffset will be 280 after LayoutUpdated event has been fired.

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I think you are calling the myscrollViewer in the constructor of the window.

You can call them when you click a button or in loaded method for the window, so that the value gets updated in vertical offset values. That is, these value gets updated after you initialize your window!

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