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How do you guys pass valued parameter to scons ? I went through its documentation and unfortunately it's still unclear to me. I've never used it before.

Please consider this build script.

Here is code snippet from it

add_option( "boost-version", "boost version for linking(1_38)" , 1 , True , "boostVersion" )

boostVersion = GetOption( "boostVersion" )
if boostVersion is None:
    boostVersion = ""
    boostVersion = "-" + boostVersion

I tried calling scons --boost-version=1.51 and tried scons --boostVersion=1.51 and none of it worked.

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When you say "...none of it worked.", what happens exactly? Does SCons not accept the command line and exit? Or does it not correctly store the value in the boostVersion variable? –  Brady Oct 31 '12 at 13:53

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You could use arguments:

You call scons boost-version=1.51 on the commandline

Then, to fetch the value in the SConscript:

boostVersion = defaultBoostVersion
if 'boost-version' in ARGUMENTS: 
  boostVersion = ARGUMENTS["boost-version"]

or, as elmo suggested:

boostVersion = ARGUMENTS.get("boost-version", defaultBoostVersion)

The scons documentation have more information the same page also describe how to use AddOption command that you have tried earlier. It can be used also, but arguments are (to me at least) easier to understand.

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Shorter (and I think more readable) way would be boostVersion = ARGUMENTS.get("boost-version", defaultBoostVersion) –  elmo Mar 25 at 8:45
@elmo Thanks, noted and edited. –  daramarak Mar 25 at 9:14

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