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enter code hereI'm new to html and all things webpagey... but through trial and error i've managed to create a local site with a plug in for a game.. never mind the game or plugin.

i've been having trouble positioning some of the buttons, specifically the "high scores" and "personal best" buttons i tried centering them along with the others but they would overlap them.

does an one have any suggestions?

also i'm trying to add a color gradient to the background, i've tried a few on google but the code format seems to be different.

please keep in mind that everything i've done is just by trial and error, and i know nothing of code design or coding ettiqutte so please excuse me if my code is a little messy and hard to understand.

<title>ORBIT COLLISION</title>


<font size="7" face="Georgia, Arial" color="ffff00">



<body bgcolor=

<INPUT TYPE="submit" 
VALUE="High Scores"
style="position: absolute; left: 700px; top: 680px; " >

<INPUT TYPE="submit" 
VALUE="Personal best"
style="position: absolute; left: 500px; top: 680px; " >


<EMBED SRC="Broken Promises.mp3" 
width="500" height="500">

<button type=>Start 
<button type=>Pause  
<button type=>Save
<button type=>Load

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using of font is deprecated.. when you open a tag you should always close it (see the last opened <center> tag.. give us an example.. maybe an appropriate jsfiddle –  Matei Mihai Oct 31 '12 at 5:51

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