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I have a jsp form, which has textboxes,radio buttons,select and text areas. How can I persist/hold the data within the form even when I refresh the page or coming back to this page from the the next. I need an auto save functionality(don't need to save in to the database just holds the data). Can anybody suggest some information/links? Can I do it with jQuery or javascript?I don't have an idea to implement this.

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use session to save use ajax to pass form data before page refresh. – Arun Killu Oct 31 '12 at 6:22

Can I do it with jQuery or javascript?

Absolutely. You can use cookies to store the data and the same can be used to fill in the details when the page is refreshed. But I recommend using a plugin, just to make life easier.

Some of the jquery plugins that do this - jQuery Save As You Type, jQuery dumbFormState

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