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I had a PANEL on the form. Then dynamically I create many more panels and place them on the form to look like a menu.

By mistake I deleted the main PANEL. then put it back as a new control.

Now the dynamic buttons don't show. But there's no error. So I'm guessing that the dynamic components are there but invisible (behind the main PANEL).

Is there a way to fix this? I can't seem to find a z-order property for the components.

Please help.

Here's the code segment:

  For MenuItemCount:= 1 to MenuItemLimit Do
      MenuButtons[MenuItemCount] := TPanel.Create(Self);
      With MenuButtons[MenuItemCount] do

            Width:=180 - (10*MenuItem[MenuItemCount].Level);

            Top:= 5 + Height * (MenuItemCount-1);
            Color:= clMenu;

            Parent := MenuGroup; //Parent container for the items.

            Caption := MenuItem[MenuItemCount].Title;

      end;//End for

MenuGroup is the parent panel that is placed at design-time.

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What do you mean with main PANEL, is that your MenuGroup container ? If so, then the child controls were destroyed. Btw. it wouldn't be enough to just add a parent control and hope that children will take it as their parent, you would have to assign them to that parent again. But still, when you destroy a parent, you'll destroy all of its children. – TLama Oct 31 '12 at 7:14
@TLama by main PANEL I meant MenuGroup. It's the Panel that holds the dynamically created ones. This WORKED. Then after I had accidentally deleted the MenuGroup panel and put it back, the dynamic panels don't show on it. – itsols Oct 31 '12 at 7:21
Then they were destroyed since except Owner passed in constructor also Parent is responsible for destroying all of its children when it's destroyed. – TLama Oct 31 '12 at 7:25
@TLama Excuse me for my ignorance... I don't quite get what you're saying. If you noticed the code, I AM setting the parent property for each dynamic component. If this is wrong, would you please show me how I should change it? Thanks! – itsols Oct 31 '12 at 7:29
No, that's perfectly fine (otherwise you wouldn't even see those controls), but if you destroy that parent, those controls are destroyed as well. – TLama Oct 31 '12 at 7:38
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There is the method SendToBack, which lets you send a control to the back (and its BringToFront counterpart).

But I think it won't solve your problem. The 'Z-order' of components by default is the order in which they are created. The design time panel is created before the dynamic panels, even once you have removed it and put a new one on the form.

What I think happened (though it's a hard guess without seeing your code), is that you tried to find the panel by name, like this:

  ParentPanel: TPanel;
  DynamicPanel: TPanel;
  ParentPanel := FindComponent('PanelX') as TPanel;

  DynamicPanel := TPanel.Create(Self);
  DynamicPanel.Parent := ParentPanel;

This would work, but if you remove PanelX, and put in a new panel with a slightly different name, FindComponent won't find the panel and return nil. The DynamicPanels will have nil as a parent, causing them not to show up.

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Thank you for your time. I've included the code. – itsols Oct 31 '12 at 6:43
A slight issue: The end says end //for, but it's actually the end of the with block. That means that following code will be executed in the for loop as well. – GolezTrol Oct 31 '12 at 6:55
Apart from that, the code looks fine. All you can do is check if it is actually executed (set a breakpoint), check if MenuItem[MenuItemCount].Level isn't some rediculous value (either negative or >= 18) and if MenuGroup isn't accidentally nil. You might try to set the parent before you set top, height, etc, but I don't that that should make a difference. – GolezTrol Oct 31 '12 at 6:58
Forgot to mention: If MenuGroup is the parent of those dynamic controls, they cannot appear behind MenuGroup in the Z-order. Controls are always on top of their parent and only have a relative Z-ordering inside their parent. – GolezTrol Oct 31 '12 at 7:01
Thanks again... That's exactly what I did. I printed every element as it ran through the loop. I think it's a bug. And like you said, I moved the Parent setting to the line soon after create, and yes, you are right, it makes no difference :( – itsols Oct 31 '12 at 7:03

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