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Is there any way to link a google-docs-spreadsheet with a database that is not in the cloud?

Client has a very complex google-doc that they do not want to re-develop but want to make it multi-user with a common data repository.

The ideal solution would be to link it to a standard SQL database. If anyone out there can provide a way to do that I would be very grateful.

I understand that JDBC in google-apps-script can only connect to a database in the cloud which client may struggle with.

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There is no requirement for the database to be in the cloud. You can have a single instance database accepting JDBC connections over the internet. Google even tells you what IP addresses are used to connect to the database so that you can put this filter on the listening port of your database.

You can use the JDBCService of Google Apps Script to achieve this

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I have found that using stored procedures and JDBC simplifies things quite a but. I have created some libraries for making this easier in spreadsheet. Let me know if you would like to get the code. –  mgmonteleone Nov 1 '12 at 9:30

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