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Is it possible to do standard deviation in pymongo aggregation framework? I am not able to find any atomic operation like $avg, $sum, $min, $max.

My only other two possibilities are 1. go through the rows and calculate it in python 2. Use map reduce.

I could easily write this in python but I think it is a bad idea as I will be compromising on performance. And map reduce seems to be a really hard thing to lean. I am not able to understand what map and reduce really mean at this point.

Before I begin digesting map reduce, I thought to ask Stackoverflow community if there is something that is readily available so that I do not end up reinventing the wheel

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$avg, $sum, $min, $max are all supported as part of a $group in the pipeline. See here: http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/reference/aggregation/#_S_group

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