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I have an issue confusing to me, and possibly there is something simple that may be done to remedy it.

I have included the following link to the first instance of this error. (shown in partial context).

A good deal of similar questions have been asked, but not one dealing only will a property of a JavaScript object that is set during instantiation (granted to an empty string, or in some cases to a false value) and used as a truthy/falsey value, at which point it produces an error.

It does so many times in the entire script. What is confusing about it is that I do explicitly set the value and it appears to disappear. :-(

Anyone have any idea what mistake I am making? (Tagged html5 because pulling info from localStorage may be the cause, Javascript because that is the core language, and object because their misuse(??) is the core issue I am having.)

A sincere thank you for those of you that see this.

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This proved to be an issue with localStorage, as I had written a getter and setter that mismatched in what the retreived, leaving some of the properties of the main settings object empty. My bad.

But good to see that just because a property was there when you set it, doesn't mean it will be there when you retrieve it.

The issue has been corrected. Thank you all for your attention.

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