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How can one set up a location-based wildcard redirect with two different regions? Specifically focussed on a PHP/LAMP set-up, with multiple Wordpress sites.

So there are two domains:

http://website.com/ --- Serves Australia
http://website.com/international/ --- Serves Everywhere Else

All pages on http://website.com also exist on http://website.com/international, so that:


So that when users in America go to http://website.com/about-page/, they're redirected to http://website.com/international/about-page/

Any ideas/suggestions are appreciated! Thank you!

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If you are able to install libraries (or maybe you don't need it if you have it already installed) I'd encourage you to use GeoIP (you can find it as a PECL extension). This is the fastest and easyest way to query about the user's conutry.

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I believe you need to read the IP address of the user and map it to the country.

For more information refer to:


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