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Currently I am using Google Chart (Column Chart) to show the target quantity every hour for latest 48 hours. My code is like below:

var oChartOptions = {   
    hAxis: {
      viewWindow: {
        max: new Date()
      format: "MM/dd h':00'",
      textStyle:{fontSize: 10},
      titleTextStyle: {
        color: 'red',"font-weight":"bold"
      maxTextLines: 12

var nChart = new google.visualization.ColumnChart(nTarget);
var oChartData = new google.visualization.DataTable();
nChart.draw(oChartData, oChartOptions);

Currently it works great, but for h-axis, it shows the label of time every 6 hours, and I want to shorten this interval from 6 to 2. After I tried a lot with the document, I still found no solution.

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You can specify the tick interval with the last parameter (optional) of the "chxr" tag. Here is an exemple :


will define a [0,15] interval on the first axis with a tick every one value.

Hope it will help.

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