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I want to read (in matlab) specific characters from a cell which contains a mixture of numbers and texts. How can i do that in matlab? Could anybody help me with codes, please.

Here is the example:


This represents a file name in a cell. I have more than 100000 rows in single column. I want to read the 14th and 15 th character (here is 14) and write this value in a different column in the same row.

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If you think of the string (the contents of the cell) as an array of characters you can index the individual members using the (n:m) convention, i.e.

>> string = 'a string';
>> part = string(3:4)

Bear in mind that the output will then also be a string. If you want to use it as a number you can then use str2num.

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I have used the following codes: v = {xlsread('test data.xlsx', 'A2:A165238')}; out=cellfun(@(x) str2num(x(14:15)),v,'un',0); Still matlab shows errors: ??? Index exceeds matrix dimensions. Error in ==> @(x)str2num(x(14:15)) –  mmenvo Nov 1 '12 at 1:37
Actually yes my answer above is not sufficient to deal with your case - you need to index elements of the data within each cell, for all cells. You can use a combination of curly braces and parens to do both, e.g. v{1,1}(14:15) gives the 14th to 15th characters of the string in cell {1,1} - see here for details. It might work just to do v{1,:}(14:15) but I haven't got Matlab in front of me right now so I'll have to check later. Have a play with it though. I've changed the above answer. –  xenoclast Nov 2 '12 at 11:54

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