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I need to display the pdf as it is, with all content texts and images both. I am trying to render it using itextsharp. But don't know which control to use for displaying the content.

Also provide me with any sample code, if you have.

I tried existing sample code on web, but that returns only text. If you can suggest any other free api's, it will be appreciated. I am developing app for windows store, so i need it to be WIN RT compatible.

I am using c# and xaml language.

Thanks in Advance!!!!

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The example at this link has a graphical logo on the page:

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hey thanks for posting, but i need some solution for rendering the pdf content into xaml control, the link provides info on creating the pdf. Creating is simple, but displaying the actual pdf in my application is my difficulty – user725110 Oct 31 '12 at 9:49

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