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Okay, it seems to be a stupid question, since we have this

However, up to the moment, I can only succeed in displaying the thumbnails by using:

PhotoEntry photo = //somehow I get the instance

The biggest photo I can display through this method is up to 300 pixel or so[which is photo.getMediaThumbnails().get(3)]. How can I display the a thumbnail up to 400 pixel or even 800 pixel? Or How can I even refer back to the google picasa page that can actually help me display this photo?


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It seems that only few people use picasa api.. lol.. –  Winston Chen Aug 24 '09 at 3:28
how to get picasa in your app.. –  NagarjunaReddy Sep 12 '12 at 6:52

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Quite Simple

 PhotoEntry photo = //somehow I get the instance

You can use this way to get that 400/800px photo.

You only have to change the result URL that is given. Change the s144/s400/s800 value of the URL

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Really helped me out.. thanks! –  Fabio Russo Feb 26 '13 at 19:22
Thanks.. It worked –  Nirav Dangi Sep 23 '13 at 13:16
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The following was answered by a community member of google picasa api:

Take a look at


It explains how you can control the size of the image that the media:content link points to as well as how you can request different thumbsizes for the media:thumbnail links. Also listed are the valid size values available. Note though, that you can only access images up to 800px in size (width or height, whatever is larger) from websites.

For instance:

GET /feed/api/user//albumid/? kind=photo&imgmax=800&thumbsize=512,400,160c

will give you a link to an 800px version in the media:content link, a link to the uncropped 512px and 400px version in the first two media:thumbnail elements and a square-cropped 160x160 thumbnail in the third thumbnail element.

Cheers, Detlev

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If you are using Picasa Java API and need to get image URL after uploading try to use following code

    try {
        File photoFile = new File(getFileName());
        service = new PicasawebService(applicationName);
        MediaFileSource photoMedia = new MediaFileSource(photoFile, "image/jpg");
        URL albumPostUrl = new URL(String.format("http://picasaweb.google.com/data/feed/api/user/%1$s/albumid/%2$s", getUserName(), getAlbumId()));
        PhotoEntry returnedPhoto = service.insert(albumPostUrl, PhotoEntry.class, photoMedia);

        String href = returnedPhoto.getHtmlLink().getHref();

        if (returnedPhoto.getMediaContents().size() > 0) {
            // !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is exactly JPEG URL
            href = returnedPhoto.getMediaContents().get(0).getUrl();
        logger.info(String.format("Image published: <%s>", href));
        return href;
    } catch (AuthenticationException e) {
        logger.error(e.getMessage(), e);
    } catch (MalformedURLException e) {
        logger.error(e.getMessage(), e);
    } catch (IOException e) {
        logger.error(e.getMessage(), e);
    } catch (ServiceException e) {
        logger.error(e.getMessage(), e);
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returnedPhoto.getMediaContents().get(0).getUrl() gave me what I wanted for my uploaded pngs too. It's the direct link that I can use for hotlinking, embedding, etc. –  KevinL Mar 12 at 21:07
Alas, this seems to be limited to about 512 pixels on a dimension as well. –  KevinL Mar 14 at 21:01

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