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There are two twig files src/MyVendor/MyBundle/Resources/views/MyApp/layout.html.twig and src/MyVendor/MyBundle/Resources/views/MyApp/myView.html.twig.

The content of src/MyVendor/MyBundle/Resources/views/MyApp/myView.html.twig

{% extends "layout.html.twig" %}
{% block content %}
   view content is here.
{% endblock %}

But I am getting an error

Unable to find template "layout.html.twig" in
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You should do it as following:

{% extends "MyVendorMyBundle:MyApp:layout.html.twig" %}

You can find more details in documentation

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they hide, they really hide the fact, that you HAVE to to extend from subfolders like this AcmeDemoBundle:Welcome:User/index.html.twig see stackoverflow.com/questions/13514643/… –  Toskan May 15 at 6:03

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