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I have a bounded service S (seperate process) which gets started when the boot is complete. I have an application A which binds to the service when the application is launched.
Now my question is when I force stop the application in settings the service S which is in different process also gets destroyed.
Ideally only the application process should have been killed but the service should have kept running. Why is the service S getting killed even if it is in different process.

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Bound services always stop when the Activity that called bindService() is destroyed. In order to prevent this from happening you must do the following:

  1. Make your service stick by returning START_STICKY from the onStartCommand() method within your service.
  2. You must call startService() before calling bindService() from your Activity.
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I did that but still the service gets killed as soon as unbindService() gets called. – Sunil Nov 6 '12 at 5:22

Try to start the service with START_STICKY

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Bounded service are type of a client server communication. Where it's attached or bounded to the activity with which it's bounded. So the service will be killed.

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