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I've tried to instal cacti via apt-get and from sources, and i get the same result - when viewing the graph - there is no images...

done few things :

chowning of rra and log folders, fixed crontab issue (crontab -u {apache user} instead of default seting user inside of crontab), configured snmp (auth,v3,publicdomain).

when I launch poller.php from console - it's ok, from crontab - ok too, timestamps on ls -l rra folder are updated, if i launch from console the graph statement from debug information ("rrdtool create" statement) i get the png image, some times with nan, but i get the image in my home folder ( rrdtool create > test.png). but from browser - i get nothing...

(cacti) logs does not contain any errors...

i don't know what to do next... ps. rebuilding rra cache doesn't solve the problem.

installed soft:

net-snmp (from sources)
and more.. if need some specific information - I will provide it
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