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Does anybody know chrome extension, that helps detect console.log in javascripts on page?
If console.log call without checking, page crashed, and script not working. But i often put console.log for debugging, and sometimes i can forgot delete it.

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have you tried if(console) console.log("We can log!") –  OzrenTkalcecKrznaric Oct 31 '12 at 9:37
Yes, of course. –  Andrey Vorobyev Oct 31 '12 at 10:42

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An easy fix is to always include a piece of javascript similar to this:

if (typeof(console) == "undefined") {
  console = {log: function() {}};
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That's not what he is asking. –  Layke Oct 31 '12 at 9:36
No, but it does solve his problem though. –  troelskn Oct 31 '12 at 9:37
it's intresting –  Andrey Vorobyev Oct 31 '12 at 10:42

Override console.log , and use your own function to debug.

function debug(d){ // debug function. console.log or alert
   if(off == 0){
    if(typeof(console) != 'undefined'){
        if(typeof(console.log) == 'function'){

Set var Off = 0 , when you need to off validations.

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