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I'm not sure if this is possible or if I'm gonna have to find another way around it but...

I have a Grails application that uses Spring-Security-Core as its authentication system. There are a few locations where it may eventually be deployed and different locations may use different authentication providers (e.g some will use DAO, some with use LDAP etc.)

I want to be able to set up the app based on a line in a .properties file 'auth.type=LDAP' or 'auth.type=DAO'. Once the app knows which of the two it will be it then needs to set further properties withing Config.groovy in order to cater for this.

I was thinking along the lines of needing config.groovy to load the properties from the .properties file and then within Config.groovy use those properties in a switch statement to determines which other properties to set. However I tried this, but I believe that in the Config file, properties from a .properties file are loaded in after all properties in the config file. Is that a correct assumption?

Anyway if anyone knows of a simple way to achieve this affect, would be very grateful

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You are correct that properties read from grails.config.locations files (groovy or properties) are only applied after the main Config.groovy has been read. You could use custom environments, and have stuff like

environments {
  ldapAuth {
    foo.bar = 'something'
  daoAuth {
    foo.bar = 'something else'

but you have to specify the environment when you build the WAR, you can't build one WAR and then configure it for a different environment at runtime.

If you have some way to specify system properties to the tomcat (or whatever) that is running your WAR then you could do something like

def authType = System.getProperty('myapp.auth.type', 'dao')
// store authType as a real config option as well as a local variable
auth.type = authType

switch(authType) {
  case 'dao':
    foo {
      bar = 'something'

  case 'ldap':
    foo {
      bar = 'something else'

    println "Unrecognised auth type ${authType}"

Or manually read a .properties file yourself (rather than relying on grails.config.locations)

def authProps = new Properties()
new File('/etc/myapp/auth.properties').withInputStream(authProps.&load)
def authType = authProps.getProperty('auth.type', 'dao')
auth.type = authType

// switch(authType) as before

One wrinkle - within the log4j closure you may find you can't access the authProps variable (I don't know, I haven't tried it). However inside that closure you can access the complete configuration as config, so provided you have the auth.type = authType line I've used above you can just say config.auth.type instead.

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