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Possible Duplicate:
How to change Menu hover color - WINFORMS

I'm customizing my menu strip colors. I would like to make it look like the one in Visual Studio 2010.

VS 2010 menu strip

Is a there an existing document where colors are referenced?

I know how to use a custom renderer to change the colors. My question goal is to get a list of all colors. I could use a image editor software to find the RGB values of each color with the color picker tool, but I was wondering if the list of colors is written somewhere:

  • MenuStripForeColor
  • MenuStripGradientBegin
  • MenuStripGradientEnd
  • MenuItemPressedGradientBegin
  • MenuItemPressedGradientMiddle
  • MenuItemPressedGradientEnd
  • MenuItemSelectedGradientBegin
  • MenuItemSelectedGradientEnd
  • MenuItemSelected
  • MenuBorder
  • MenuItemBorder
  • ImageMarginGradientBegin
  • ImageMarginGradientMiddle
  • ImageMarginGradientEnd
  • ToolStripDropDownBackground
  • ... others (?)
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What do you mean by color? the background color of menustripitem or the colors in the ImageList you mean? – Mohsen Afshin Oct 31 '12 at 10:02
@MohsenAfshin: The background/foreground colors of the menu, the menu items... – Otiel Oct 31 '12 at 10:12
VS2010 uses WPF, it is not a MenuStrip. The full list is available as the properties of the ProfessionalColorTable class. – Hans Passant Oct 31 '12 at 11:05

Visual Studio uses WPF. But, you can achieve similar effect if you use MainMenu instead of MenuStrip.

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You could use your own renderer to achieve this... A custom renderer is discussed here:

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