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I want to scp several files from remote to local, the files in remote is like this:
... ...

1792348 187657 etc, the middle directory name is random.

how can i scp all the files ends with .stat from remote to local?
if i tried scp -P36000 user@host:/data//*.stat .*, i can only get 2 files a.stat b.stat.

why i can's submit this question?
i really don't know how to solve this, and hadn't search a answer from google.

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i would use rsync (which uses scp internally; but is way more elaborate, e.g. it will only transmit minimal changesets of data, so if you run it several times, you will get an impressive speedup)

rsync -avz /data/ \
   --include "*/" --include "*.stat" --exclude "*" \
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finally i remote ssh to tar the files, then use rsync. thanks! –  pengdu Nov 1 '12 at 1:42
if you are using tar, then you don't need rsync at all; simply do tar cf user@host:/path/to/dest/data.tgz /data/*/*.stat on the remote machine... –  umläute Nov 5 '12 at 7:55

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