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I created a webservice successfully tested on glassfish within netbeans , which uses POST and give back results as follows:

public class Cribservice {
    private UriInfo context;
    public Cribservice() {
        TimeZone theTz = TimeZone.getTimeZone("UTC");
    public void setJson(String p) {
        String x = p;
    public String halloween(String p){
        int sizy;
     return some string;

I dont have any web.xml but using ApplicationConfig.java

public class ApplicationConfig extends Application {

    public Set<Class<?>> getClasses() {
        return getRestResourceClasses();

     * Do not modify this method. It is automatically generated by NetBeans REST support.
    private Set<Class<?>> getRestResourceClasses() {
        Set<Class<?>> resources = new java.util.HashSet<Class<?>>();
        return resources;


I tried to deploy this app on jetty on localmachine out of netbeans , but i am not able to access my services , all i am able to see is helloworld on local browser when i access localhost:8080/caas

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So before deploying your project on jetty out of netbeans. First make sure you have all the related jetty-web.xml and other required files.

In order to generate these files , install jetty plugin for netbeans, Download jetty server from internet Create a new project , select jetty as a server and point it to location of jetty. Then create your project , test it and deploy it after you paste your generated .war in /webapps folder

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