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I am trying to add my own calendar in android using the following code. I have provided read write permission also in manifest.

and my error is : "Error while creating calendar the name must not be empty: null" though i have provided the name...

any one please hep me to solve it and also provide link to working solution of creating calendar in android.

                    final Uri calUri = Uri.parse("content://");

                    android.accounts.Account account;
                    ContentValues vals = new ContentValues();
                    vals.put("_id", 1);

                    vals.put("_sync_account_type", "ACCOUNT_TYPE_LOCAL");
                    vals.put("name","sachin" );
                    vals.put("color", 14417920);
                    vals.put("access_level", 700);
                    vals.put("selected", 1);

                    vals.put("sync_events", 1);
                    vals.put("timezone", "GMT");
                    vals.put("hidden", 0);
                    Uri result=  getContentResolver().insert(calUri, vals);

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You should try something like this :

vals.put(Calendar.Calendars._SYNC_ACCOUNT_TYPE, "ACCOUNT_TYPE_LOCAL");
vals.put(Calendar.Calendars.COLOR, 14417920);
vals.put(Calendar.Calendars.ACCESS_LEVEL, 700);
vals.put(Calendar.Calendars.SELECTED, 1);
vals.put(Calendar.Calendars.SYNC_EVENTS, 1);
vals.put((Calendar.Calendars.TIMEZONE, "GMT");
vals.put(Calendar.Calendars.HIDDEN, 0);
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yes thank you ... but this works on android 4.0 only..beacuse Calendar.Calendars was introduced in 4.0..then also thanks for your help..:) – Sachin Trivedi Jan 10 '13 at 8:42
public String createCalendar(String AccountName, String CalendarName,String Color) 

        try {

            Uri target = Uri.parse("content://");
            target = target.buildUpon()
                    .appendQueryParameter("caller_is_syncadapter", "true")
                    .appendQueryParameter("account_name", AccountName)
                    .appendQueryParameter("account_type", "").build();

            // String calUriString = "content://calendar/calendars";
            ContentValues values = new ContentValues();
            values.put("name", AccountName);
            values.put("account_name", AccountName);
            values.put("account_type", "");
            values.put("calendar_displayName", CalendarName);
            values.put("calendar_color", Color);
            values.put("calendar_access_level", "700");

            Uri calendarUri = getContentResolver().insert(target, values);
            Log.v("calendar Uri", calendarUri.toString());
            String newCalID = calendarUri.toString().substring(
                    calendarUri.toString().lastIndexOf("/") + 1,
            Log.v("calendar Id", newCalID);
            return newCalID;

        } catch (Exception e) {
            return null;
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