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I need to introduce IPC in my applications, I also need to continue to distribute on GNU/Linux and Windows (currently I'm using mono on GNU/Linux and .NET on Windows with GTK+ support on both). Communication is limited on the same box.

Which is the best way to do IPC on both systems?

I read that DBUS is available also on Windows with the mainstream source code. Anyone has exprerience in using it, on windows I mean?

Thanks in advance to all of you.

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I would simply use Remoting.

Just because the other options suck:

  • WCF is very limited in Mono

  • DBus has its problems as Rolf says; not to mention the C# story with it is a bit clunky, i.e.: the best solution is using managed Dbus, which you can with NDesk.Dbus, but this library got renamed to dbus-sharp; but the Gnome world are moving to use GDbus, and there's no binding for it yet.

  • Socket, as proposed by Rolf, is too low level for my taste.

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My experience with DBus (on Linux) was horrible.

I ended up replacing it with a custom-format tcp socket (but the data was quite limited, so developing a custom format didn't take long at all).

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Mono has moderately good WCF support which works well for platform agnostic IPC.

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downvoting because WCF support is very limited in Mono: – knocte Nov 1 '12 at 8:26

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