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Currently I am using Smart Thread Pool from AMIB in my .Net app. I have created Jobs and Queued them in the pool for execution as shown below:

WorkItemCallback wiCallback = new WorkItemCallback(job.QueuedExecution);
IWorkItemResult wiResult = mySmartThreadPool.QueueWorkItem(wiCallback,         (WorkItemPriority)job.Priority);

In any point of time how can I query the ThreadPool to get the Current Status i.e. Queued/Running/Cancelled by passing the JobId i.e.

TaskStatus mySmartThreadPool.GetCurrentStatus(string jobId);

OR how to get a Reference to the already Queued item from Smart Thread Pool?

Please help me on this.

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Your task will be run by a thread in the pool. The pool is in control of the thread.

But in the link below, there is an example that you can use to check if a thread has finished or not

Wait for QueueUserWorkItem to Complete

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