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I have flipView in sample itemDetailPage and I have text in string which has html tags (bold, italics). I want this string shows in richTextBlock in flipView but I don´t know how. I was searching for converters between HTML and XAML and there aren´t working with WinRT. I was looking into source codes and searching for answers and I can convert my html string to xaml string. It looks like

<FlowDocument xml:space=\"preserve\" xmlns=\"\"><Paragraph>Start<Run>i--</Run> something <Run>i++</Run> end of paragraph.</Paragraph><Paragraph>\n\n</Paragraph><Paragraph>Another paragraph <Run>anything</Run>. And ending.</Paragraph><Paragraph>\n\n</Paragraph></FlowDocument>

But when I this bind to Text property of RichTextBlock it just shows as text without formatting. So how can I format text in RichTextBlock? I know it´s possible to do this with adding textblocks but in FlipView I don´t how access to richTextBlock. I want to use RichTextBlock and I don´t want to change it for WebView or some WebControls (I like column sorting in RichTextBlock).

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Yeah, this problem has been ongoing. Vincent H had a good start with an xslt conversion. I recently took his start and expanded it using the Html Agility Pack. My main impetus was dealing with really badly formed Html and I think I got something at least minimally useful...

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Thanks for this. I'll look at it and try it. – Libor Zapletal Jan 4 '13 at 10:52
I hope it's useful. – Jacob Proffitt Jan 4 '13 at 16:17

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