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I wonder if there is any sql query builder out there meeting these conditions:

  1. Available as WPF control so that it can be integrated in my WPF app
  2. At least support of MS SQL Server and Oracle
  3. Visual representation and drag/drop support (tables, columns)
  4. SQL expression as a result property (no fancy "user-friendly" meta concept)
  5. Possibility to edit the SQL expression manually (with changes to the visual representation)
  6. No need to build up a metadata model before

I already spend some time on the web with the following results

  1. ActiveQueryBuilder is functionally perfect but does not fit 1. (lacks WPF support) [http://www.activequerybuilder.com/index.html?from=about&edition=net]
  2. KorzhEasyQueryNET does not fit 5. (SQL is not written back to visual) and 6. (metadata model needed) [http://devtools.korzh.com]
  3. Query Objects is not a component but a standalone tool [http://www.query-objects.com/]

So, is anybody out who knows of an alternative?


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AFAIK, EasyQuery does not strictly require to "build up a metadata model before". You can create it "on-the-fly" taking meta-data directly from your DB. Here are instructions I found on their site: http://docs.korzh.com/easyquery/how-to/build-data-model-from-db

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thanks, good to know –  klawusel Oct 24 '13 at 8:22
but in the meantime I started uaing ActiveQueryBuilder via WindowsFormsHost, perfect functionality and great support –  klawusel Oct 24 '13 at 8:22

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