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I am developing a simple cocos2d game in which I want to animate two CCSprites simultaneously, and for this purpose I simply set CCActions on respective `CCSprite's as follows.

[first runAction:[CCMoveTo actionWithDuration:1 position:secondPosition]];
[second runAction:[CCMoveTo actionWithDuration:1 position:firstPosition]];

Now I want to wait till the animations are complete, so I can perform the next step. How should I wait for these animations to finish?

There are actually two method calls, the first one animates the objects via the code above and second call does the other animation.

I need to delay the second method call until the animations in first are complete. (I would not like to use CCCallBlock blocks as I want to call the second method from the same caller as the first one.


I tried this ..

__block BOOL moving = YES;
[second runAction:[CCSequence actions:[CCMoveTo actionWithDuration:1 position:firstPosition], [CCCallBlockN actionWithBlock:^(CCNode *node){
            CCLOG(@"\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nMovement Finished\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n");
            moving = NO;

But the CCCallBlock never gets called thus forever stuck in while loop =/

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If I wouldn't dig it out of cocos's docs, I would implement my own observer object, to observe if a group of animations have been finished. It will require few quick steps:

  1. Create your own class like PendingOperationsCounter
  2. Instantiate object of PendingOperationsCounter
  3. Register finish action for this particular PendingOperationsCounter
  4. Register every starting animation to your PendingOperationsCounter, when registering increase pending operations counter
  5. When animation finishes it decreases operations counter
  6. If counter is zero again, it fires its own finish action you've registered


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Sorry for being naive but a piece of code could really help here. – tGilani Nov 1 '12 at 4:18

Instead of a simple CCMoveTo in first, use a CCSequence with 1) the MoveTo, and 2) a CallBlock to start second. In the call block to start second, use again a CCSequence for 1) the moveTo, and 2) call a selector to do whatever you want to do. It will work in THIS use case. For a more generic approach, follow the above answer as a guideline.

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