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In Hibernate when I got simple Pojo, for example User:

private class User{
   private String name;

When I want to get property of the "name", a simply use:


But when I add a class Grou to my User:

private class User{
   private String name;
   private Group group;

My previous code :


doesn't work. Any way to solve it?

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Split your query group.name into the corresponding parts group and name.

Class<?> currentClass = User.class;
for(String field: "group.name".split("\\Q.\\E")) {
    currentClass = sessionFactory.getClassMetadata(currentClass).getPropertyType(field);
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sorry, but I cannot understand. what split("\\Q.\\E") does ? –  Cichy Oct 31 '12 at 11:25
Javadoc Split() splits a string into several parts around the symbol that is matched (in this case, the .). The . is surrounded by \Q and \E which makes it being interpreted literally. Without this, the . is a special symbol in regular expressions meaning 'any character'. In java, \Q becomes \\Q, because \Q is interpreted as 'special symbol Q'. This is similar to \t being interpreted as 'TAB SYMBOL'. –  parasietje Oct 31 '12 at 13:10

for group.name to work , you have to specify the mapping for Group class also. If you have already specified a mapping and still its not working then please share the mapping file here. Issue might be in the mapping only.

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