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  1. I have a normal navigation based iOS app
  2. I've got "loading view" which I initiate from my app delegate and use across the app, simply by showing and hiding it.
  3. This works fine, but as soon as I hide the bottom toolbar in one of the views in the app and display it again, the toolbar seems now be shown on top of the my generic "loading view"

The first viewHow it should workThe broken version - the toolbar seems to now overlap the loading view

Any help is much appreciated

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Please post the hide/show source –  tarmes Oct 31 '12 at 11:19

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How do you add your bottomBar? Obviously not on the view itself, right? Than it would probably be beneath the overlay.

Also you should use an extra window for the loading overlay. That would solve your issues.

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I basically ended up deleting the loading view and recreating it each time. It now appears at the top of the view hierarchy each time. This fixed the problem.

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