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i have a map similar to this.

     xxx-10.name ='welcome'
     xxx-10.age  ='12'
     xxx-10.std  ='2nd'

     xxx-12.name ='welcome'
     xxx-12.age  ='12'
     xxx-12.std  ='2nd'

     yyy-10.name ='welcome'
     yyy-10.age  ='12'
     yyy-10.std  ='2nd'

     yyy-12.name ='welcome'
     yyy-12.age  ='12'
     yyy-12.std  ='2nd'

wen user gives xxx i have to return the submap with all xxx entries, irrespective of the number associated with it. Is there any way to achieve this using regex ? or with out iterating over the keys?

SubMap i can get using the utility..

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This should do what you want.

def fileContents = '''xxx-10.name ='welcome'
                     |xxx-10.age  ='12'
                     |xxx-10.std  ='2nd'
                     |xxx-12.name ='welcome'
                     |xxx-12.age  ='12'
                     |xxx-12.std  ='2nd'
                     |yyy-10.name ='welcome'
                     |yyy-10.age  ='12'
                     |yyy-10.std  ='2nd'
                     |yyy-12.name ='welcome'
                     |yyy-12.age  ='12'
                     |yyy-12.std  ='2nd'''.stripMargin()

// Get a Reader for the String (this could be a File.withReader)
Map map = new StringReader( fileContents ).with {
  // Create a new Properties object
  new Properties().with { p ->
    // Load the properties from the reader
    load( it )
    // Then for each name, inject into a map
    propertyNames().collectEntries {
      // Strip quotes off the values
      [ (it): p[ it ][ 1..-2 ] ]

findByPrefix = { pref ->
  map.findAll { k, v ->
    k.startsWith( pref )

findByPrefix( 'xxx' )

Fingers crossed you don't delete this question ;-)

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Like ur last line ;) –  Jeevi Oct 31 '12 at 11:25

There is a filter function for collections in groovy. See API

def result = [a:1, b:2, c:4, d:5].findAll { it.value % 2 == 0 }
assert result.every { it instanceof Map.Entry }
assert result*.key == ["b", "c"]
assert result*.value == [2, 4]

In your case when searching for yourSearchString using String.startsWith():

map.findAll { it.key.startsWith(yourSearchString) }
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Better to use startsWith as that's what he's interested in as I do in my answer of 10 minutes ago –  tim_yates Oct 31 '12 at 11:32
Thanks for the hint. I edited the post. –  mana Oct 31 '12 at 11:57

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