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I would like to get the Raven-Clr type for each the documents in my Raven database. I have tried the following index, but am only retrieving the document Id:


from doc in docs 
let DocumentType = doc[""@metadata""][""Raven-Entity-Name""]
let Id = doc[""@metadata""][""Id""]
let LastModified = (DateTime)doc[""@metadata""][""Last-Modified""]
select new {DocumentType = doc[""@metadata""][""Raven-Entity-Name""], Id, LastModified}


from result in results
            select new {Id = result.Id, DocumentType = result.DocumentType, LastModified = result.LastModified}

My goal is to get document meta data and display a distinct list of collection / document type like the RavenStudio. I want to create a projection and populate a list of the following class:

public class MetaDocument
  public string Id{get; set;}
  public string DocumentType {get; set;}
  public DateTime LastModified {get; set;}

I can only get the doc id, and the other values are returned as null.

Note I checked the Raven-Entity-Name as Fitzchak suggested. It is populates.


I found this approach on Google Groups where the Map is altered to contain

DocumentType = ((dynamic)doc)[""@metadata""][""Raven-Entity-Name""]

Result is the same.

Edit 2

I examined the query results in RavenStudio and the projection itself contains null for both LastModified and DocumentType. Do these fields need to be stored in order to be accessible?

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RavenDB Studio uses the Raven/DocumentsByEntityName index, which is created by the studio (by default). It is a simple index (map only).


from doc in docs 
let Tag = doc["@metadata"]["Raven-Entity-Name"]
select new { Tag, LastModified = (DateTime)doc["@metadata"]["Last-Modified"] };
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Thanks. I've tried this but pull back null when I reference Tag. In other words, I can query and get the ids for the docs, but when I try to get the actual Tag value, I get a null. Am I missing something? – David Robbins Oct 31 '12 at 11:42
You didn't set the "Raven-Entity-Name" metadata item on your documents. The client API handles this for you, but if you're using the raw http api, you should set this value by yourself. – Fitzchak Yitzchaki Oct 31 '12 at 12:27
"Raven-Entity-Name" is set appropriately on the documents. I am after the Raven-Entity-Name, not the doc itself. I thought I could make a projection to get the Id, Entity-Name (DocumentType) and LastModified. My projection only returns the Id. – David Robbins Oct 31 '12 at 14:22

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