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I use this query:

SELECT pid FROM photo WHERE owner=$friend_id;

It works fine, but for some users(that has more than 1 photo) this query returns only 1 record.

Then i tried this query:

SELECT pid FROM photo WHERE owner=$friend_id LIMIT 10;

But returned result is the same - only 1 record.

Permissions :

user_activities, user_photos, friends_activities,
friends_photos, publish_stream

What i have to do to get correct result for anyone user??

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Are they definitely the owner and not a tag? Have you tried running a similar api call in the developer tools at… – TommyBs Oct 31 '12 at 12:54
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This depends on the friend's privacy settings for the albums and photos he/she shares/uploads.

Also, I noticed that the owner field in the photo table is not indexable but it is in the album table and hence you may need to use something like:

SELECT pid FROM photo WHERE owner = XXXXXX AND aid IN (
    SELECT aid FROM album WHERE owner = XXXXXX
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