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When svcs -a is entered on the terminal, a list of services with its corresponding status is displayed. May I ask, what does each status mean and what is the difference between the statuses online, offline, enabled and disabled?

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I don't think an enabled state can be reported by svcs -a. The documented states are:

  • uninitialized
  • offline
  • online
  • degraded
  • maintenance
  • disabled
  • legacy-run

If the state is followed by *, that means it is transitioning.

The difference between offline and disabled is that in the former case, the service is enabled but doesn't run for some reason. Use svcs -xv to figure out why.

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Not sure about Solaris in particular, but on Linux they map to:

  • online: running
  • offline: not running
  • enabled: automatically starts on boot
  • disabled: no autostart
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With Solaris smf, you can temporarily enable a service (svcadm enable -t service), so it will be enabled but won't be automatically restarted at reboot. – jlliagre Oct 31 '12 at 18:40

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