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Im working on a school assignment, and im supposed to make a array of hashmap like this:

HashMap<String, Person>[] mood = (HashMap<String, Person>[])  new HashMap<?, ?>[6];

im reading from a file, it goes something like this. the problem is that it gives NullPointerException where i try to put the mood into mood[0]! cant find anything about how the hashmap-array works in my books.. :( would be happy for all help (:

Person p = new Person(); = word[1];
p.age = word[2];
p.mood = word[3];

people.put(, p);

 if (p.mood.equals("HAPPY")) {
 mood[0].put(p.mood, p); //NullPointerException 
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Hint: the first element of an array does not have an index of 1. – Jack Maney Oct 31 '12 at 11:51
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Basically, you did initialize an array of mood, but it's initialized with nulls. So before you can call any method on mood[0] (or at any other indices), you need to put a non-null object inside mood[0].

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i didnt know about it before now, im sorry. will fix it now. but thanks! – Lisa Oct 31 '12 at 12:06

When you create arrays of objects, the array elements are initially null, so before using mood[0], you need to populate it with an instance of HashMap<String, Person>

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