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I want to add combobox as ContextMenu item for some label control in wpf application in my code behind. How can I do it? I searched a lot over web but nothing comes productive.

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The following code is just a proof of concept on how you could build your ContextMenu. It will give you a ComboBox as the content of a MenuItem.

<Label Content="label with context menu">
            <MenuItem Header="menu 1">
                    <ComboBoxItem Content="combo 1" IsSelected="True" />
                    <ComboBoxItem Content="combo 2" />
                    <ComboBoxItem Content="combo 3" />
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Thanks Eirik..I want similar solution but using code behind.. How I can I do it in code behind? –  SST Oct 31 '12 at 12:17

Another alternative...this allows the ComboBox to appear directly when you do the Right-Click. Copy and paste this into KAXAML to see it working.

  <Label Content="Some Label">
  <ComboBox SelectedIndex="0">

enter image description here

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How can I do it in Code behind? –  SST Oct 31 '12 at 12:22
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I got the solution, we can do this is folowing way:

        ContextMenu contextmenu = new ContextMenu();
        ComboBox CmbColorMenu = new ComboBox();
        CmbColorMenu.ItemsSource = FontColors;// FontColors is list<objects>
        CmbColorMenu.DisplayMemberPath = "Text";
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