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How to reuse the same string for format placement? e.g

"%s-%s-%s" format("OK")
>> "OK-OK-OK"
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This should work:

"%1$s-%1$s-%1$s" format "OK"

The format method of WrappedString uses java.util.Formatter under the hood. And the the Formatter Javadoc says:

The format specifiers for general, character, and numeric types have the following syntax:


The optional argument_index is a decimal integer indicating the position of the argument in the argument list. The first argument is referenced by "1$", the second by "2$", etc.

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"%s-%s-%s".format(Seq.fill(3)("OK"): _*)

The : _* part means "use this sequence as the arguments". Seq.fill(3)("OK") creates three copies of "OK".

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