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I hope that someone can help me. Is it possible inference from a situation S different to s0 in Prolog?

I have a s0 (initial situation) like this:

ison(X,do(a,S)):- a=switchOn(X),isoven(X); isOff(X,S),\+ a=swicthOff(X). (fluent inon)

If I prompted:

?- isOn(oven,s0).

?- ison(oven,do(swicth(oven)s0)).

It would be nice if existed a command like "save(do(swicth(oven)s0)) to S'" in order to obtained a result like this:

?- ison(oven,S').
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Prolog is not magic, you need to implement things properly. It appears you want to use situation calculus, there's plenty of material online about it.



This is meaningless, it always fail. You need a variable there (the first letter must be upper case)

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