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I have got the solution to the problem, want to thank you all you guys since without your timely solutions and advise this was impossible to achieve and solve thanks a lot..!!

A solution to this problem have been achieved thanks a lot..!!

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59103-RRX12 is a String or a result from a subtraction of RRX12 from 59103? –  Bruno Vieira Oct 31 '12 at 12:14
You are not supposed to delete the question after you got your solution –  Jayamohan Dec 22 '12 at 8:56

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int i = 59103 - Integer.parseInt("RRX12".substring(3,5));

Do like this it will first extract String 12 from it and then convert it to int

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String s = Integer.toString("59103-RRX12");
String[]arr= s.split(-);
int x= Integer.parseInt(arr[1].substring(3,5));
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This does not compile.

You would need to do...

   String num = "59103-RRX12";

    public int getSubStringInteger() {
        return Integer.parseInt(num.substring(num.length() - 2, num.length()));

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