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I've done a function in javascript that is able to change some abreviations by their expressions, all in javascript and onkeyup.

The trouble I met is that this does not work on a textarea that use the pluggin CKEDITOR,

when I disable ckeditor, it works fine.

Here is my code:

<script type="text/javascript">
var abbreviations = {
        "ABS": "Le débiteur est absent, nous le relançons par courrier. Nous agendons également une visite domiciliaire s'il s'avérait que ce dernier restait sans réponse.",


function abbrReplace(el, abbrs) {
    if (!el || !abbrs) {
        return false;
    else {
        var val = el.value,
            words = val.split(/\s/);
        for (var i = 0, len = words.length; i<len; i++) {
            if (abbrs[words[i]]) {
                words[i] = abbrs[words[i]];
        return words.join(' ');

document.getElementById("suivi").onkeyup = function(){
    this.value = abbrReplace(this, abbreviations);


I'm really lost, i've tried many thins to make this work.

Anykind of help will be much appreciated.

Kind regards.


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CKeditor replaces your textarea with a CKeditor instance, and then ignores the textarea. What you're looking for is binding your function to CKeditor's keyup event and changing the editor's contents. Combining answers on add code for event listener for keypress in ckeditor and How to find and replace text in CKEditor using Javascript? results in something like this:

var abbreviations = ...;

function abbrReplace(el, abbrs) {
    ...changed to accept a piece of text instead of an element...

CKEDITOR.on('instanceCreated', function(e) {
    e.editor.on('contentDom', function() {
        e.editor.document.on('keyup', function(event) {
            // keyup event in ckeditor
            old_text = e.editor.getData();
            new_text = abbrReplace(old_text, abbreviations);


I've tested this and it doesn't work perfectly yet but it should point you in the right direction.

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