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I am new to iOS programming. I am quite amazed at the power and ease of collection view. But I have a problem.

I have a "home" view controller - A, which is UICollectionViewController. I have a left button (like Facebook on the navigation bar) and I redirect to another view controller using

[self.navigationController pushViewController:controller animated:YES];

When the user presses the back button, the "home" view controller appears. And viewWillAppear and other collection view delegate/datasource methods are called. but table is frozen. It does not scroll, do anything.

But if on the left button i press the "home" button, then viewWillLoad and other methods are called and the collection view works. I do not have any code in viewWillLoad. I have moved everything to viewWillAppear to test.

Please help

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This behaviour is almost always caused by something running on the main thread when you pop the view. Check your view lifecycle methods in both home VC and child VC. – MartinR Feb 17 '15 at 15:49

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