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I want to access camera from browser. I got a good solution at XARG, but this is using flash and thus doesn't suits my requirement(won't work in IPad). Now I want to know, if there is any other way to access camera without using flash/silverlight.

I am also thinking getusermedia(HTML5) but it has very poor browser support.

Another option could be phonegap, but I am not sure about how to use it also I didn't got any link for a live sample using phone gap.

I am open to all options provided that works on IPad's browser. I am using ASP.NET and HTML5. Any pointer's appreciated. Thanks.


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I'm a fan for leading your target. Aim for where you'll be once your project is done. It won't be long before getUserMedia is available in all browsers. Go this direction. Mozilla has it in it's Nightly's already, Opera has implemented it, Chrome pioneered it, and IE sucks. So just about everything is covered. ;) – jmort253 Nov 1 '12 at 1:16
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Camera support in the browser is currently only available in one of two ways:

  1. Using Flash player
  2. Using HTML standard = getUserMedia()

Each have their benefits, but as you mentioned not all are supported universally across browsers, and I think the iPad fails to support either (Note: BlackBerry 10 supports both Flash and getUserMedia):


If you want to use a standalone framework like PhoneGap, here is a link to the camera API documentation:


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