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I have a custom autoloader in php. The search pathes are set in an array. The loading itself:

  • $classname the name of the nonloaded class
  • $path the directories
  • $autoloadClassPaths [classname] => absolute filename

THIS IS a spl_autoload_register() registered function!

    if (!isset($autoloadClassPaths[$classname]))
        foreach ($path as $dir)
            foreach (new DirectoryIterator($dir) as $fileinfo)
                if (substr($fileinfo->getFilename(), -4) == '.php')
                    $tokens = token_get_all(file_get_contents($fileinfo->getPathname()));
                    $count = count($tokens);
                    for ($i = 2; $i < $count; $i++)
                          if (  ($tokens[$i - 2][0] == T_CLASS || $tokens[$i - 2][0] == T_INTERFACE)
                             && $tokens[$i - 1][0] == T_WHITESPACE
                             && $tokens[$i][0] == T_STRING)
                               $autoloadClassPaths[$tokens[$i][1]] = $fileinfo->getPathname();
        require ($autoloadClassPaths[$classname]);

the problem is now I met with namespaces. How to write this autoloaded?

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with an autoloader such as this, you get the classname of any class like SomeClassName. in case of a namespaced class you get the namespace with the classname like this SomeNamespace\SomeClassName. it includes all information you need to load the file if you have a clean directory structure. (like: library\SomeNamespace\SomeClassName.php).

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your wrong. Its an autoload function already :) I edit this –  John Smith Oct 31 '12 at 12:53
uhm, so why do you iterate through directories... anyway I extended my answer for namespace stuff.. –  Andreas Linden Oct 31 '12 at 12:54
yea but if the directory structure is not like that? –  John Smith Nov 1 '12 at 1:11
well than you need to write some custom logic like you already did. you won't get more information than the namespace and the classname using the autoloader pattern... –  Andreas Linden Nov 1 '12 at 11:56

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