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I am trying to use the jQuery tools overlay, and it works very nicely when there is a static set of buttons that launch the overlay.

However, when the buttons that are linking to the overlay are recreated, the overlay seems to get orphaned and I can't see why. I can't close it, and I can't even find a reference to it by going through the DOM with each().

I've seen some solutions which involve triggering a click, but for one thing this seems like an inelegant solution, and for another it causes the overlay to flicker before closing when I try it. I'd like to understand the reason why this doesn't work, as well as a good solution, can anyone help?


<div id="container">

<button class='modalLaunch' rel='#modal'>
    Uncontained launch button
<div id="modal">
    <button id="rebuildContainer">Rebuild container</button>

​ Javascript

$(document).ready(function() {

    var rebuildContainer = function() {
        $("#container").html("<button class='modalLaunch' rel='#modal'>Contained launch button 1</button><br><button class='modalLaunch' rel='#modal'>Contained launch button 2</button>");           

        var triggers = $(".modalLaunch").overlay({
            mask: {
                color: '#bbbbee',
                loadSpeed: 200,
                opacity: 0.9
            closeOnClick: true,
            load: false

    $("#rebuildContainer").click(function() {
        console.log("rebuilding buttons inside the container div");

        $(".modalLaunch").each(function() {

            var o = $(this).overlay();
            if (o) {
                console.log("there is an overlay associated with this button");
                if (o.isOpened()) {
                    // I would expect this to be true once each time the handler is called
                    console.log("the overlay associated with this button is open");



Thanks for your help!

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Since asking this, I've read this question jQuery Tools Alternatives? and decided that it's probably best to abandon jQuery Tools. The forums on their site don't even let you start a new thread!

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