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I have Octave 3.2-4 on Ubuntu 11.10. This is the officially supported version for Ubuntu. Where it seems that GNU Octave's 'save' function does not support binary data saving in single precision (float) specifically for Matlab data format such as V6. For instance:

octave:119> p_t = single(rand(1,5))

p_t =

0.038507 0.117961 0.894508 0.788297 0.651727

octave:120> class(p_t)

ans = single

octave:121> save -v6 P_T.mat p_t
octave:122> clear all
octave:123> load -v6 P_T.mat p_t

octave:124> p_t

p_t = 0.038507 0.117961 0.894508 0.788297 0.651727

octave:125> class(p_t)

ans = double

I have tried searching for a known issue of Octave? but could not find anything... Anyone else noticed this problem?

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Upgrade. That has already been fixed.

"officially supported version for Ubuntu"? That means absolutely nothing. And even if you mean "latest version packaged by Ubuntu", it would be false. Anyway:

  • you are using an old Ubuntu version. The latest Ubuntu already has Octave 3.6.2
  • you are using an old Octave version (almost 3 years old. There's been 7 releases of Octave since, including 2 major releases)

So there's 2 things you can do:

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Upgrading to latest Octave release solved the problem. Thanks for your help! –  fsheikh Nov 1 '12 at 6:00

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