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GeShi is a syntax highlighting tool used by projects and vendors like MediaWiki and, respectively.

However, GeShi does not natively support MediaWiki markup syntax. What would be the closest "look alike" that I could use to highlight a MediaWiki template?

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I doubt there is any. MediaWiki's syntax is a bit unique. It's more than just markup language for creating single text documents, it's for creating whole sites. The difference is relations between documents: linking, redirections and embedding one into another (templates).

BTW creating good syntax highlight for MediaWiki syntax is not possible, and all this because of templates. For example:

! a !! b

Above would be completely valid table on the English Wikipedia because {{!}} resolves to |, so exclamation marks in second line should be highlighted as in table, but you can't tell that if you're not able to resolve templates. (However not-that-good highlight could be found in Vim).

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Since 1.24, {{!}} is a built-in magic word! – Nemo Nov 7 '15 at 10:17

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